Why Boda Boda men are the best salesmen

Boda Boda man aka Okadaman as known in Nigeria refer to commuter motorcyclists and to ma opinion make the best sales executives in the world. These guys have the zeal, the power and the will of wooing customers to take up their services over their competitors. There are a couple of methods these guys use. Let me list them as I explain each one of them and in the end your side with me about this:

Pimped ride
Boda BodaEnglish of recent have resorted to improving their motorbikes so they could suit the changing demands of their clients. They no more ride the plain bike as it was imported. They have now made the impossible possible. There are a lot of peripherals and the package is expanding each and every day. For example: some of the bikes now have radios. The okadaman now builds a cage at the front and drops in a portable radio. Which means now you don’t have to go through an awkward journey like before. Hope you all know how awkward it is to be that close to a guy without a conversation and you also know that time you hate conversations while traveling, the radio now saves both your day and the cyclists’ day. The guy now doesn’t have to come up with a topic just to keep you company and make you enjoy the journey. For now u can either listen to radio or the topics can come from what is on radio. You now have a choice to politely tell him to shut up so you can listen to radio
Of recent, the ride now have umbrellas too. Yes yes they have umbrellas. People were shunning the Boda Boda saying whenever they board them, they are hit by a lot of sunshine. The Boda Boda were not ready to let this ruin their market base so they came up with a solution. Weld a pole with and umbrella on it and your are good to go. So for now clients can’t complain about the sun and stuff like that.
The extreme pimpin I saw the last time I checked was a gear and a steering wheel. Hell to the yes I swear to the most high this guy had these things on his bike. I looked at the guy riding it and I was like “you must be the wizard of Oz himself!”


So these guys will improve all the machines to suit their clients

Title for the client
It all seems like these guys studied psychology. They know how humans want that respect and how they value family. So they let u have all the respect you need so you can buy their product. They make you the client feel affiliated to them or they make you feel like u are the boss in charge. All this comes in the way you appear to them: when u are younger than them, they will call u sister. (“sister nkutwale Ko?”).
If u are older than them, they will call you Mama, and if you are way too older than them, they will call u gradma. And the same for the males with their respective titles. Who of you doesn’t feel good when called family? I know everyone does.
This has also been take to the way one dresses. The titles are given according to your dress code for example when u are dressed casually and may be with dreads, these guys will call u raster, my man, owakabi and the like. And most people dressed like this like these titles because it’s an ego boost
When u are dressed professionally, the titles also turn professional like manager, boss, employer etc. This makes you feel like you are the boss out here and 90% chances that u will board that bike and give him that money.

A conversation for the client
Okada men know how boring it is to travel without any form of entertainment and they also know how awkward it feels to say nothin when persons are that close to each other. So the guy will come up with a story for you. I strongly think they follow up trends because these people will come up with the most selling topic in the nation and it doesn’t matter what genre it is in, they will give it to you. And the most interesting thing is they do a test till they find what your like. For example he may start with politics so he goes like ” this government has issues. Sid u see the kind of ministers they have”
Of course when not interested you will hum through the dialog. He will switch up to something else. He may go along these lines
“Btw did you see how the government employed bebe cool to do their campaigns!? Btw what’s your favourite jam of that guy.”
And if u like music trust me u will open up and the conversation will flow.
The next time u come to pick up a Boda Boda u will have to pick that one guy for u have made a connection with him and to him it will be a client in the bag.

Proper use of company resources
They utilize company resources like they go get paid double. They always don’t  want to let a client slip by them or go to their competitors. So he will see u from afar and he will ride till where u are and inquire if u need his service. What is fascinating is they don’t really mind about how much fuel they are using all they mind about is the client. Every company needs this kind of sales executive. Use they resources to the fullest and let the client me happy
In other cases when the client tends to refuse the service, they will follow one around trying to convince them to accept their service. He will be telling u some funny stuff just to get u board. For example he may tell u of how his wife has nothing to eat, how u are the only one who is goin to provide lunch for him, how u can’t walk that long distance. ( like he knows where u are going) etc. At the end sometimes u end up boarding.
So employers, I guess these are the right people to give these sales jobs. They will make the client feel good as they grow the company GDP. Don’t u agree?


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